Posted by: Barinas | November 5, 2012

Website Tips from STANYS

Before updating my blog for this week, I decided to first attend yesterday’s STANYS Science Teacher’s Conference, so that I can share any new technological tips from the conference on my next blog post.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed.   Some of the highlights are Teachertube.  If you happen to work at a school that blocks Youtube, you can go to teachertube to access online video.  Teachertube is great not because it side steps the school firewall, but because it only shows educational material without running the risk of coming across inappropriate content.

Speaking of online video, Zamcur is a website that lets you convert any video you find online into a format that you can play from your computer offline for educational purposes.   This can be very useful if you want to have a backup video in case you face internet connection problems during your presentation.

Another website that I want to highlight is Donorschoose.  If you want to purchase technology that will enhance student learning, gaining funds from cash-strapped school districts will be no easy task.  But at Donorschoose you can create a profile of your classroom, and request donations to fund the purchase of a piece of technology that will really help your students.   Interested donors could then provide the necessary funding to make the purchase.  All the site asks in return is that you send the donors a Thank You card with a photo of the class, and a description of the benefits that such technology has brought to the class.

It is amazing to see how the Internet is opening doors to new ways of accessing educational material and promoting community involvement!



  1. I’m soooo jealous!!!! It must have been amazing!

  2. I think that video conversion service you are referring to is Zamzar
    It no longer works with YouTube video due to YouTube’s own Terms of Service. YouTube has been serving many such services with “cease and desist” letters regarding such a feature.

  3. Liked the photos, і truly like thhe one of this imagе, perfecto.

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