Posted by: Barinas | August 28, 2012

Well, Hello Tech!

Hi, my name is Pedro, and I am working towards becoming a biology high school teacher.

Clearly, the world has changed from the last time I was a high school student myself.  While I was taking classes the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Wozniack were still refining that clunky, square device that is now regarded as one of the most relevant machines that shaped human history since the invention of the automobile (or as some couch potatoes would argue, the advent of TV).   Nowadays kids of all sizes have already moved beyond desktops and laptops and are using portable technology like Ipads, Laptops, Androids, and the like.  It is quite a change from the days when having a pager and owning Super Mario 3 meant you were at the forefront of technology.

Alas, I can just see myself encountering students who haven’t used a film camera in their life (sorry Kodak).  I’ve heard of one kid asking her mom why her disposable camera did not have an LCD screen on the back!  Likewise, I can see myself completely foreign to gadgets, web trends, and other forms of technology that are common fare amongst today’s youth.  So if effective education requires the ability to connect with students, and be able to relate to them, then I must find a way to bridge this gap, and teach within the context of the world they live in.

This blog serves as an account of this journey.  I will explore the relationship between education and technology as it exists today, and use it to become an effective educator.


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